Sand castles! Be creative!
Make your own sand castle.

Sand, wallpaper glue

An empty commercial shop was used as a space for a workshop, where 100 sand castles were created by me along with other artists and creatives from the city I invited, as well as passers-by. The preliminary forms were made with sand and glue binder. The shop window displayed castles that had already been made and blank shapes ready to be used. People who wanted to participate in the workshop were offered a blank sand mould which they could scratch up with a thin wooden stick.

The aim of the work was not only to bring attention to manual work, or to a different way of using commercial windows, but also it was, above all, a way of confronting oneself with a material and a theme common to all of us.

Each of us, at least during childhood, have had the opportunity to make sand castles and perhaps, during this time, we had to face the idea that the idea that not everything we make lasts forever.