Bees Bank Community

Vending machine, honey,
glass and cork pendants,
wooden house,
cotton soaked in beeswax

Rendering, planning and realisation of the vending machine by MIR7

The project aims to promote beekeeping and biodiversity by transforming honey, from a product of the food market, into a luxury product. I designed a small vial to wear around the neck. Inside are one or more drops of honey, which liquify when the pendant is worn, whilst crystallising when away from a warm body.

The work, as a whole, is a public installation and takes the form of a small wooden house (covered with cotton and soaked in beeswax), inside which is a vending machine that distributes drops of honey. People enter one at a time and help the machine fill the vial with one to five drops of honey.

The machine is linked to a bank account that uses the earnings to promote biodiversity, the development of beekeeping and artistic projects revolving around the world of agriculture. This is the only way a circular economy can be created, developing of certain values that encourage a community sensitive to certain issues as well as to the protection of insects.

The work has been realised mainly in order to strike a common chord with people of all languages, i.e. a symbol of recognition, which speaks of the world of beekeeping and the promotion of biodiversity.