Sebastian Kulbaka (Lodz,PL 1985) 
Lives and works in Gent, Belgium

For some years now, my artistic practice has been oriented towards the analysis of the coexistence of a community and the intrinsic rules that govern the natural development of a conscious community.
What role does the artist play in this environment? Does his work have a decisive relevance that goes beyond the creation of exhibitions and artworks? By following the work of some artists, I have realised that the production
of works of art is not everything, the works must also push the audience to improve their state of awareness as human beings.
My reflection is motivated by the desire to work within small communities and to create situations, where confrontation and creativity are tools for growth.

My intention is to approach the nature of human beings, in order to create immersive situations, works and installations that reflect those aspects of everyday life that we work on less and that could instead encourage us to new attitudes.

When I began to personally tackle these themes, such as the soul, emotions, overcoming our conflicts or demons, illusions, the intuitive mind, symbolism, I created several works that brought me closer and closer to my current working method.